“A New Generation of Delicious Ready-to-Eat Meals”

We are a woman owned small business, with a social conscience to provide healthier meals and meal kits, while creating jobs for both Disabled Americans as well as Disabled American Veterans.

Designed by a civil engineer, Fed Biz has created a heater bag to heat ready meals hotter and faster, for emergency or work operations. With the logistics support of a Navy officer, and the health consulting of a nurse practitioner, Fed Biz provides meals that are lower in sodium and fat than most catered meals.

  • Tested and selected by the National Guard in multiple states as the best meal kits
  • Personalized Service to meet your business and nutritional needs
  • Branded food items for comfort and to boost morale
  • Customizable Kits
  • Can Accomodate Allergies and Dietary Restrictions (Kosher/Halal/Vegetarian)
  • On-time delivery
  • More economical than leading brands
  • Better quality items
  • Novel heating system for faster and hotter ready meals
  • We supply the new generation of ready-to-eat meals to the United States Military, State and Local governments and Emergency Preparedness organizations. Our meals were developed by leading Nutritionist and Chefs to provide great tasting nutritional meals. Our meals are the perfect solution for health conscious U.S. Military Mess Halls and Emergency Preparedness organizations worldwide.

Below, summarizes several key points in which Fed Biz Foods prides itself in:

  • An official vendor registered in the CCR, FEMA, Red Cross.
  • Proudly use Vets from the Wounded Warriors Program & Persons with disabilities to package our meals.
  • We offer a tasty, nutritious, high fiber, low fat, & healthy alternative kit to the current MRE.
  • We have higher-quality foods (prime rib and golden yukon potatoes) in our ATMs (Annual Training Meals).
  • One stop shop for everything: Shelf Stables, Hot Meal Kits, Kosher Kits and A-Rations (ATMs).
  • Cost savings by price & ability to order exact counts (our ATM’s can save 20-30% compared to UGR-A’s).
  • Integrating an earth friendly, bio-degradable packaging and Green Company.

Fed Biz Foods provides a tasty, healthy and nutritious full array meal time solution for the United States Military, State and Local Governments, and Emergency Preparedness Organizations for on-demand and emergency situations…

Fed Biz Foods provides healthy alternatives to the MRE kits used in the military and emergency situations.

Our Boxed Meals Are: Healthy, Shelf-Stable, Transportable, Cost-Effective.

  • Convenience & Portability
  • DLA Prime Vendor for Military
  • Emergency Management
  • Hurricane /Disaster Kits
  • Medical / Nutrition Kits
  • Child /Infant Kits

Fed Biz Foods designed and developed the ultimate heater bag to enable soldiers and workers in even the most challenging circumstances to have a ready to eat HOT meal any time of day or night.

Heater Bag Innovations:

  • Improved closure prevents leakage and spills
  • Heats hotter and faster
  • New and unique to Fed Biz Foods
  • Unavailable directly from or to the military